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Balloon Modellers

"Are you looking for balloon modelling, balloon twisters or balloon sculptures for your party or event? Then you've come to the right place! "

Miss Balloonatron

I'm a balloon making robot called Miss.Balloonatron and I turn balloon making into an art form! 
Perfect for children and grown ups who can walk around with giant wearable masks and hands and backpacks, beautiful hats and jewellery, a balloon caricature of themselves.. If people can think of it.. I can make it! 

Our Balloon Modeller are entertainers who love for their job. Most of our balloon modellers double up as entertainers, and they are all expertise in the field on balloon modelling.  They can create anything from you traditional dogs or swords, couple this with a wild array of balloons, such as motor bikes, elephants, rabbits, bunches of flowers, laser space guns, hearts, aliens and balloon dressing in which children can be made into characters such as butterflies, soldiers, aliens, etc.

Many of our balloon Modellers are also Stiltwalkers, Jugglers, and we also provide a costume if you wish to have a 'Buzz Lightyear' or a 'Shrek' Balloon Modeller let us know. 

PRICES FROM AN INCREDIBLE £50!!!!! - Spring deal only.