The Only Way Is Entertainment - Children's Party Entertainers

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Tracey - Director of the Company 

Trained Actor from Drama Studio London. 

Set up The Only Way Is Entertainment in 2012.

Tracey trained at Drama Studio London. She graduated in July 2010 and has had many successes since, she made her first Television appearance playing the character Jenny Ashwood in Eastenders. She took roles in three feature films, and loved doing a three Month Pantomime Tour playing the character Rapunzel, she worked in Abu Dhabi as a childrens Entertainer, she has done countless of Adverts and shows. 

On returning from Abu Dhabi she went on to work for Pepperpot Parties in London and loved it! She worked Little Stars theatre company in Essex. Owning her own Entertainment business was always a goal and she is thrilled that her business has gone from strength to strength. The Only Way Is Entertainment has worked with some Big Celebs and Top corporate companies, but ask Tracey what her favorite part of the job is and she will tell you 'making the children laugh and smile at parties.' Tracey's Entertainer name is Silly Tilly. 

Alice trained as a actor at e15 Drama School, and continues to work in the industry around her party work. She has been with the company for the longest and is considered to be one of the most artistic. Her balloon modeling skills and face painting skills are fantastic. She continues to surprise us with her love of learning new skills which makes her parties even more fantastic. Alice is a brilliant party host, and I have had so many fantastic reviews about her fun filled parties. She is also fantastic with a sewing machine and has made some amazing costumes. She was chosen to do Amanda Holdens Party, the Garlic Festival and Woodfest. She is an asset to the team, and works as AMAZING ALICE as her character name!

 Aimee is a trained dancer and trained at birds in Essex. She has been with the company for a couple of years and is one of my best friends!  When she isn't doing parties she works with children with disabilities. She also is a fantastic model and dance teacher. She teaches at Whitecourt School of Dance and Complete dance. Aimee is most known for her funny sense of humor. Parents and children find her extremely funny! Children warm to her and instantly want to be her best friend. She is a fab children's entertainer and loves being organized! She has done some huge parties including Sienna Millers Little girls party. Her Entertainer name is Silly Milly!

Yvette is trained in musical theatre. She has been with the company for years! When she is not doing children's parties she performs in theatre shows and is also a personal trainer! She is one of the most popular entertainers. She is dedicated to making parties as special as they can be for the birthday child. We call her our real princess as she is obsessed with every princess film there is. She loves doing new party themes, she is a fantastic singer and has done some major jobs for the company including doing - Amanda Holden daughters party, Jason Donovans daughter Party, Sevenoaks Festival, Garlic Festival, Sevenoaks Light Switch on, Essex Frozen Outdoor Sing A Long, Filming for TV. Her Entertainer name is Potty Pepper!

Our other entertainers include Kathryn, James, Fie Lucy, Charlotte and Emily…blogs are coming soon guys xxx